* Start of a new residency management system in Japan
     The aim of the new residency management system that started last July 9, 2012 is to enable the Ministry of Justice to continuously keep information necessary for managing the residency of foreign nationals in Japan with mid-to long-term resident status and ensure their greater convenience.
These mid- to long-term residents in Japan (Spouse or Child of Japanese National, Long Term Resident, Permanent Resident, Engineer, Specialist in Humanities/International Services, Students, etc.) will be issued a resident card containing the photo of the individual, basic personal information such as name, resident status and the validity of the period of stay.
     The new residency management system does not apply to those visiting Japan for a short period of time (those who entered Japan with a temporary/tourist visa, etc.).
     Moreover, because the new system will allow authorities to more accurately track resident status than with the previous system, it makes it possible to introduce measures that will improve the convenience of foreign nationals who legally reside in Japan, such as a maximum period of stay of five years instead of the previous three years, new reentry permit system that waives reentry permit formalities for foreign nationals who leave and reenter Japan within one year of the date of their original departure, etc.
     The alien registration system was abolished after the launching of the new residency management system.
* Divorced Filipino Citizens wanting to re-marry
     According to the consular announcement of the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo, effective December 1, 2012, in compliance with Foreign Service Circular 140-12 issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Filipino applicants who wish to re-marry must submit an annotated marriage certificate of the previous marriage and its respective judicial decree of annulment or declaration of nullity of marriage (for those whose marriage has been annulled) or the judicial decree of absolute divorce (for those whose marriage has been divorced) issued by the Philippine court.
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